Retail Credit Card Processing Equipment

Retail Credit Card Processing Equipment

Allied CardPay retail merchant accounts allow you to authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly and efficiently with the latest POS equipment. Customers can swipe their credit cards or enter their debit PINs with ease and security, creating a retail payment processing system that leads to more transactions in a shorter period of time. With faster checkouts and efficient data verifications, you improve customer service while dramatically increasing sales.

Verifone VX 520 Credit Card Machine

Product Price: $140.00

The Verifone VX 520 is a reliable countertop credit card machine processing credit cards at lightning speed. With expandable memory and powerful processor, this terminal handles encryption and decryption for secure credit card and debit card processing. Offer alternative payments, such as Apple Pay, with integrated NFC capabilities. And start accepting loyalty cards and gift cards with value-added applications. This is the perfect credit card machine for any small business.


   • Fast processing
   • Easy to use
   • Reliable Functionality
   • Apple Pay and NFC compatible
   • Dial to dial and Ethernet connectivity
   • Battery operated (optional)
   • Under-mounted communication port
   • Accepts both credit and debit cards

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Complete Point of Sale System

Product Price: $499.00

Allied CardPay strives to offer the best point of sale solutions products and services to businesses of every size, spanning every industry. We are dedicated to only offering the most innovative POS systems to your company, including software by Revel Systems.


Founded in 2010, Revel Systems is a tablet point of sale system, offering services and software including quick-service POS, grocery, restaurant and food truck POS, coffee shop POS, movie POS, events POS, and more. The POS system operates on an Apple iPad with hardware that includes a cash drawer, card swipe, and receipt printer. Revel Systems makes it simple and secure for on-the-go businesses to enable customers to pay anytime, anywhere from a tablet device.

Increase Your Revenue

Equip your business with the point of sale tools to drive customer acquisition, increase average sale, and continuously identify areas of opportunity for revenue growth. Accept credit card payments, even when the Internet is out, with Always on Mode. Monitor sales trends on the go with the Revel Insights App.

Improve Your Efficiencies

Streamline your business operations and maximize your resources. Effectively manage inventory, employees, and monitor reports from your Management Console. Use reporting to identify your best sellers, and make sure your inventory levels are where they need to be. Add menu items on the POS or instantly push out menu changes from your management console.

If you're interested in this solution please contact us at 1-888-670-3676 for a free consultation or get started online below.


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