Equipment Vendors

Equipment Vendors

Merchants with custom, point-of-sale (POS) systems need a reputable payment processing service to enable the processing of secure and compliant transactions. As a result, POS developers often will identify a top of the line payments company to integrate with up-front in order to add value to customers. Allied CardPay offers POS developers and their customers an easy to integrate, fully secure and compliant set of current market payment solutions, along with the added benefits of a built in value proposition. POS companies can leverage the relationship to earn residual revenue shares on each transaction processed by a customer and both parties also benefit from Allied CardPay’s award-winning, in-house customer service and technical support teams.

Allied CardPay’s POS compatible merchant processing solutions come with:

• Simple and flexible integration methods
• Secure data via tokenization and end-to-end encryption
• Seamless integration of value adds such as gift card, loyalty, and mobile
• PA-DSS-validated and out-of-scope solutions
• A transparent, lifetime residual program unlike other industry programs

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