Retail Credit Card Processing

Merchant Cash Discount Program

The "Near-Zero" Credit Card Processing Program

Allied CardPay allows merchants to offset their credit card processing costs by applying a small customer service charge to each sale they make. The Cash Discount software is installed on the payment terminal and encourages customers to pay with cash reducing your credit card fees by up to 90%. If a payment is made with cash, a discount equaling the customer service fee is automatically applied to the sale. The Cash Discount software automatically determines service fees and discount amounts based on payment type. By uniformly assessing a set customer service fee across all products and payment types, merchants utilizing the Cash Discount program meet the standard regulations set forth by all major card service providers, state law and federal law. It's simple, transparent and sounds easy because it is.

Cash Discount - The way to go!

  •    • Available for all credit cards types and Apple Pay
  •    • Fully mobile payment technology with wireless terminals
  •    • The ONLY legally compliant automatic cash discount software available in the country
       • EMV chip card terminal INCLUDED
       • No setup fee, hidden costs or obligation
       • No Pin pad required
       • Reduce credit card fees by up to 90%

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