Collection Agency Credit Card Processing

Collection Agency Credit Card Processing

We've been actively serving the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry for years. We're fully integrated with over a dozen collection software applications which ensures your transactions are more secure, more efficient and the data is available to your business in real-time. Together with several banking partners, we offer custom tailored collection agency credit card processing agencies that have been in business at least one year or more. For startups, we offer e-check processing with guaranteed approvals which is outlined below. Allied CardPay provides collection agency merchant accounts with affordable rates and no set up, monthly or early termination fees. With an easy approval process you'll start processing credit cards in no time!

We offer custom price quotes for collection agencies already accepting credit cards along with cost + pricing plans.

Collection Agency E-Check Processing

Accepting an E-check at your collection agency in person, by phone, or online is a quick and easy way to secure a payment. Allied CardPay offers a Payment Gateway that allows you to take the data on your customer's check and process the transaction electronically. Create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, set up Recurring Billing, and even Accept Payments Online. Get NEXT DAY credit for your transactions at All Banks in the continental United States.

Point of Sale

Easily convert your paper checks into E-checks for faster processing right at your point of sale.

Online Payments

Perfect for E-commerce of any type. Accept E-checks on your website with easy integration.

Pay By Phone

Take checks over the phone and be confident with every payment using live check verification.

Guaranteed approvals for collection agencies including start-ups and the application process only takes 24 to 48 hours.

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We support most high risk merchant industries, including but not limited to the following:


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